Veterans Platform

 Veterans Platform: Prepare, Train, Transition and Support


Mr. Roosevelt believes that our veterans need a more direct, easy to navigate and personalized support system in transitioning to civilian life. While the federal government has programs to support veterans and the state provides some preferential aid in hiring veterans, there is no comprehensive bridge to help veterans move smoothly from military to civilian life. Mr. Roosevelt believes that education, business, community and military leaders must work together to treat each veteran as a valued hero who will bring great value to any employer. However, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s list of recommended fields for veterans is very limited and does not capture many of the skills, experiences, certifications and training that veterans have. Employers are not aware of how much each veteran they hire could benefit their organization. Furthermore, veterans are not able to adequately capture their value or directly market themselves to employers. Mr. Roosevelt intends to create a bridge from military to civilian life by connecting leaders and veterans in community, working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the 49th District to create mechanisms that will enable veterans to: identify existing skills, find and apply to training, certification or secondary education programs and then to connect directly to employers and successfully market themselves.

 1.   Coaching and support in planning career goals and family life through the transition to civilian life.

 2.   Increase workforce training, certification programs or GI bill eligible secondary education opportunities in the 49th District.

 3.   Partner with business, community and military leaders to guide each veteran through the transition process successfully.

 4.   Educate veterans and families on existing support mechanisms and build additional programs to fill gaps and keep veterans and families from falling through the cracks during and after transition.

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