Transportation Platform

Transportation Platform: Evaluate, Investigate, Collaborate and Execute:

 Prior to his election as Delegate for the 49th District, Mr. Roosevelt will work with community and business leaders in the 49th District to evaluate current transportation challenges and opportunities and pre-craft smart, fiscally lean and sustainable legislation and initiatives to help improve access to transportation and roadways for all constituents of the 49th District. Mr. Roosevelt believes that we can solve the transportation needs and challenges of District 49 in a way that will not increase the tax burden on the households of the 49th. He believes that the tax dollars that each household contributes are hard-earned and a significant sacrifice from that household’s monthly budget. For this reason, government and elected officials have a significant responsibility to make sure that all monies are used in a way that demonstrates that we can balance problem solving with wise use of resources. Upon his election, Mr. Roosevelt will already have collaboratively written legislation that will be pre-approved for the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Legislative Session. Mr. Roosevelt believes that the transportation needs of the 49th District are significant and greatly impact quality of life and cost burden on household budgets. For these reasons, he believes that he must be ready to patron legislation and get it passed even before his election so that the District’s transportation needs will not have to wait until the 2019 Legislative Session to be addressed. Since announcing his intention to run for Delegate and becoming part of the 2017 Campaign Trail, Mr. Roosevelt has steadily developed relationships with other legislators so that he will immediately be able patron and get passed legislation to provide much needed transportation relief for his constituents.

 1.   Identify key community and business leaders who advocate for the District’s transportation needs.

 2.   Evaluate the District’s transportation needs and investigate possible legislation and initiatives to improve the District’s transportation infrastructure.

 3.   Develop a 20-year strategic plan to address the District’s current and future transportation opportunities and challenges.

 4.   Pre-Craft legislation collaboratively with District leaders and VA legislators and schedule it for the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Legislative Session.

 5.   Upon election, continue to advocate for the District in this area and lead the effort to carry legislation through the legislative process.

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