Small Business Platform

Small Business Platform: Train, Compete, Sustain & Expand


If elected to represent the 49th District, Mr. Roosevelt will work collaboratively with community, business and educational leaders in the 49th District to identify key areas of common interest to improve life in the District by attracting and keeping a variety of jobs that enable families to build and sustain strong, financially stable households. He will work with the people of the 49th District and other legislators from the General Assembly to introduce legislation that removes barriers to and promotes quality training and a more competitive and fair atmosphere for small businesses in Virginia, which will allow currently operating small (and larger) businesses to sustain current operations and have the freedom and economic ability to expand, grow and bring more economic impact to the District and the Commonwealth of Virginia at large. Mr. Roosevelt believes in successful mentorship programs that are established by deregulating state laws and working collaboratively at all levels to build and execute a vision that enables families to pursue and achieve a better standard of living. To achieve these objectives Mr. Roosevelt will advocate for deregulation of state requirements that prevent the educational system, businesses and leaders from working together to align education with jobs and opportunities. Mr. Roosevelt will also foster a collaborative relationship between the private sector and state government to enhance training programs while simultaneously advocating for lower business taxes and tax reliefs for startups and small businesses who come to Virginia and continue operations for the 49th District. By deregulating processes, businesses can innovate faster, which brings more economic growth and higher paying jobs. Business licensing and compliance regulations should be simplified to understand the processes.Furthermore, new businesses will find the atmosphere more attractive in Virginia and will choose to locate or relocate here, thus adding economic value to the local community through more and higher paying jobs, increased spending by families in the district, more support jobs in the District and more tax revenue for the localities in the District and the Commonwealth of Virginia itself. Mr. Roosevelt will focus particularly on business opportunities for young professionals in emerging and or critical areas such as: innovative technology, cyber, local law enforcement and will champion legislation to support these enterprises through workforce training, career transition and redevelopment. Young professionals willing to help bring these new or greatly needed industries to the District will be able to access new set asides.

 1.   Lower Taxes

 2.   De-Regulation

 3.   Fair Competitive Market

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