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Education Platform: Educate, Innovate, Lead


Once elected to represent the 49th District, Mr. Roosevelt will focus on sponsoring (patron) legislation at the General Assembly to enhance current curriculum by integrating an advanced STEM focus that provides fast tracking of undergraduate credits toward early undergraduate degree completion in order to increase accelerated graduation rates. Mr. Roosevelt will advocate for state paid internship programs for low income households, veterans, the homeless and other groups facing chronic unemployment or underemployment. He will also work with stakeholders at all levels to build relationships between the state and small, medium, and large companies, thus ensuring that businesses build and expand operations in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. Roosevelt will work with education, business, community and other elected leaders to better plan the transition into workforce for our students, veterans and their families. He believes that a truly collaborative atmosphere among all stakeholders will allow our educational system to prepare students to find good jobs immediately after high school, or with additional workforce training or advanced education degrees, depending on each students’ focus and goals, and particularly centered around current, new and emerging STEM fields.

 1.   Transition Programs into Workforce for Higher Paying Jobs

 2.   STEM-Focused Courses and Advanced Placement for Degree Completion(Undergraduate)

 3.   Private & State Sponsored education for higher quality curriculum



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  • commented 2017-06-07 06:20:19 -0400
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    Thank you for such wonderful education platform and site.