Born April, 18, 1992 Adam Roosevelt is a Father, Combat Veteran, Army Reservist, and Small Business Owner. He is a Candidate for Virginia's House of Delegates in Legislative District 49 (Arlington & Parts of Fairfax). Roosevelt was born in Portsmouth Virginia. He graduated from Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Roosevelt enlisted in the U.S. Army at 17 years of age and graduated basic training at Ft. Benning"US Army Home of the Infantry" in Georgia (2010). Upon completion of basic training, Roosevelt attended and graduated Advanced Individual Training(AIT) at the US Army Signal Corps. Roosevelt's first unit assignment was at Ft. Drum where he deployed to Bagram Afghanistan to support the War under Operation Enduring Freedom working with the International Security Assistance Force. During his time in Afghanistan he participated in supporting IT communication missions, Air Operations, and security escorts. He received an Army Commendation for his service for this tour.


After returning home he received orders to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at the Joint Force Command(JFC) in Naples Italy in 2013. Roosevelt worked alongside U.S. and NATO Allies to support diplomatic and communication missions. He volunteered to serve the Nation in his second tour to Afghanistan to support Operation Freedom Sentinel. While deployed, Roosevelt held various roles to include a Senior Advisory Leadership Role in support of the Train Advise Assist Mission. He was recognized for his leadership in helping the U.S. transition control to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He received the Army Commendation and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal for service under this campaign. After returning home Roosevelt transitioned to the Private Sector in Washington D.C. where he supported cybersecurity as a contractor for the Department of Justice National Security Division. He now support the Department of Homeland Security as a contractor. He joined the Army Reserves where he works part time at the Defense Information System Agency. 

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  • commented 2017-05-23 20:55:04 -0400
    This Veteran shows up at my door on a rainy night wearing a business suit, and an American flag on his lapel,
    and has his assistant using the one umbrella to shield himself from the rain. Adam says he’s used to adverse conditions in combat, better his volunteer stay dry. Young in the face I ask, how old are you? 25 is the response. Having lived in Arlington for 10+, conservatives are in the minority, and I wished him luck running against a well known Delegate who lives a block away. I will vote for this guy, who appears hungry to make a difference. Could you imagine the balls it takes to run as a Republican in Arlington. Best of luck young man.