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About Candidate

1. Education

Mr. Roosevelt believes in education for the next generation. He focuses on development of curriculum
from K to G (Graduate), focusing on education that is critical for professional development and obtaining
jobs in Virginia, particularly in the areas of STEM, Cyber Security, Professional Certifications and Trade
Schools. Mr. Roosevelt believes in partnering with civic associations, school boards, employers, the
General Assembly of Virginia and other stakeholders, so that we can produce legislation which benefits
not only the 49th District, but also the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

2. Small Business

Mr. Roosevelt believes in the growth of small businesses. He believes that regulatory overreach slows
the growth of small businesses, and he will advocate for decreased taxes and common sense regulation
for small businesses in Virginia. Small businesses and families are the foundation of success in the
Commonwealth. Mr. Roosevelt advocates more state-based programs that will allow small businesses to
obtain contracts, expand, hire more employees and be able to better give back to the community. Mr.
Roosevelt particularly supports the education of small businesses so that they are able to understand the
intricacies of contracting at all levels of government. Mr. Roosevelt is a conservative, a small business
owner, and believes in fiscal responsibility in business and government.
Mr. Roosevelt wants to advocate a state-wide plan that will ensure that Virginia becomes an industrial
hub for small businesses. He believes small businesses provide quality services, as well as employment
for half of Americans, and are thus critical in the growing and essential areas of cyber security, defense,
and the protection critical infrastructure in the commonwealth.

3. Armed Services and local law enforcement

Mr. Roosevelt supports the Armed Services and local law enforcement and advocates for more
community-based programs where local law enforcement and the community partner together to build
a safer, more positive community. Mr. Roosevelt believes in a secure Virginia where citizens and local
law enforcement can co-exist together. Local law enforcement and Armed Services must be trained to
deal with cultural sensitivities and to view themselves as servants and leaders in the community who will
partner with leaders from a variety of walks of life so that they will be able to respond to any and all
complex situations within the community in a manner that decreases conflict, increases safety for all and
builds a positive community where all are able to thrive together. For these reasons, Mr. Roosevelt
believes in increased budgets for local law enforcement so that they are able to learn the necessary skills
and knowledge to move forward in a positive direction.
Mr. Roosevelt, as a veteran, advocates for military families and members of the Armed Forces. He is
particularly concerned with the stresses military families face during deployment, re-entry,
redeployment, changes in orders and transitions to retirement or civilian life. He supports programs that
promote smooth mobilization of service members through family readiness, in order to provide for a
strong defense of our Commonwealth and our nation.

4. Cyber

Mr. Roosevelt believes in a secure Virginia where all Virginians can feel that their family businesses,
homes, personal, financial and health records and common utilities, infrastructure and community
‚Äčorganizations will be protected. Mr. Roosevelt believes that the attacks on 911 that occurred in Arlington
can never happen again in any capacity. Mr. Roosevelt will protect and advocate the protection of
privacy, freedom of speech on the web, and constitutional rights in cyberspace. Mr. Roosevelt believes
that Virginia should be prepared for advancing technology in cyber security. He will rebuild the job
industry in Virginia by targeting this area of opportunity in the 49th district and providing a lan of action
that will work with the community, general assembly, and governor to make Virginia the first cyber
security hub and most importantly, a cyber safe state.


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